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Welcome to; the best football site where you can find fixed matches !

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The world of fixed matches has always been secret, kept hidden by lobbies and bookmakers so that only a few people can make money; in recent years, hundreds of members of these lobbies have decided to make fixed matches public by starting to sell them to ordinary people.


What are fixed matches ?

Fixed matches (Fixed Match or Match Fixing)

refers to a situation in which a football match is played with a predetermined outcome.

Fixed matches are motivated by gambling; in fact gambling on fixed matches allows you to make money without any danger or risk as all the outcomes that are played are agreed before the match begins.
These matches are agreed by the players, the referees and the companies who, behind the payment of large sums of money by the mafia or bookmakers, bring out comfortable results for these people.

Our team is here to help you,

we have many informators inside lobbies and team who give information on match results,

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fixed matches

Fixed Match Today


Fixed match today is the best way to make money instantly and on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to make money immediately and be able to have a long-term daily income single fixed match today is the offer for you.

The offer that we offer you in this article is very simple;

thanks to our knowledge and our informants we are able to obtain fixed matches daily;

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Fixed match today is a single fixed match that is sent out on a daily basis;

this means that every day you will receive a single fixed match every day with an odd ranging from 2.00 to 5.00.

For how many days will I receive the football fixed match ?
You will decide if you want to subscribe for 1 day only; or make a longer subscription;

which can be 7, 14 or 30 days.


If you choose the 1 day subscription you will receive the fixed match today,

you will receive a single fixed match only and exclusively for today with an odd ranging from 2.00 to 5.00;

if instead you decide to subscribe to a longer period;

you will receive a fixed match today and every day for the period of time that you decide.


Our fixed matches are 100% secure, chances of losing are 0, we know all the results of the matches before the start,

players are bought and they all play to get the result that has been imposed on them.

Fixed Match Today Fixed Match Today Fixed Match Today

The money you will invest on our fixed match today are safe, you will have a 100% profit, what you will have to do is only and exclusively choose the period for which to subscribe, follow our instructions on how to bet on the fixed match today and withdraw the your winnings after 90 minutes.

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Best Fixed Matches


Welcome to; we are the leading provider of best sure soccer fixed matches in the world;

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The relationship of trust that we have established with our informators allows us to have the best fixed matches in the world;

first-hand information that tells in detail the progress of the match from the first to the last minute.

Knowing the progress of a game allows us to know what the final result will be before it begins

in fact, our informators buy the players and the referees and together agree the result of the match;

the players of both teams take the field and play with the awareness that they must finish the game according to the pre-established result.


Knowing this information allows us and our subscribers to have guaranteed profits.

Best fixed matches are sure investments,

we are aware of the progress of the matches and thanks to our help you will be able to make the most of your investment.



What is Best fixed matches ticket ?
Best fixed matches ticket is the subscription with the highest odds we have,

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The odds of our ticket goes from 400.00 to 800.00;

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TICKET OF 27.05.2023
Hamburger SV II – SC Weiche-08

Tip: 2   Odd: 7.50   Result: 0:2

Hardenberg – Jong Volendam

Tip: 2   Odd: 9.00   Result: 0:3

Illertissen – Vilzing

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.00   Result: 0:1

Hildesheim – Lohne

Tip: 2   Odd: 3.00   Result: 4:5


TICKET OF 20.05.2023
Yokohama FC – Kawasaki Frontale

Tip: 1   Odd: 8.00   Result: 2:1

Celtic – St. Mirren

Tip: X   Odd: 9.00   Result: 2:2

UD Ibiza – Zaragoza

Tip: 1   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:0

Lugo – Huesca

Tip: 2   Odd: 2.50   Result: 1:2


TICKET OF 13.05.2023
St. Pauli – Dusseldorf

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 0:0

Mannheim – VfB Oldenburg

Tip: 2   Odd: 5.00   Result: 1:3

Unterhaching – Aschaffenburg

Tip: X   Odd: 4.20   Result: 0:0

Chemie Leipzig – Halberstadt

Tip: X   Odd: 5.00   Result: 2:2


TICKET OF 06.05.2023
Rudes – Dugopolje

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:1

Vukovar 1991 – Dubrava

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:1

FSV Frankfurt – RW Koblenz

Tip: 2   Odd: 5.25   Result: 1:2

Al Dhafra – Al Jazira

Tip: 1   Odd: 6.00   Result: 4:1


TICKET OF 29.04.2023
Stoke – QPR

Tip: 2   Odd: 5.00   Result: 0:1

Wycombe – Cheltenham

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.50   Result: 0:3

Derby – Portsmouth

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:1

Mansfield – Harrogate

Tip: 2   Odd: 6.00   Result: 1:2


best fixed matches

TICKET OF 15.04.2023
Burton – Sheffield Wed

Tip: 1   Odd: 5.00   Result: 3:2

Salford – Colchester

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.00   Result: 0:1

Sochaux – Pau

Tip: 2   Odd: 5.00   Result: 2:3

Motherwell – Dundee Utd

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.50   Result: 1:2


best fixed matches

TICKET OF 08.04.2023
St. Ives – Tamworth

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.00   Result: 2:0

AFC – Spakenburg

Tip: 2   Odd: 4.50   Result: 1:2

Stourbridge – AFC Rushden & Diamonds

Tip: 2   Odd: 6.00   Result: 0:2

De Treffers – Lisse

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:1


best fixed matches

TICKET OF 01.04.2023
Liefering – Kapfenberg

Tip: 2   Odd: 6.40   Result: 1:3

Flora – Tammeka

Tip: X   Odd: 7.50   Result: 1:1

Morton – Inverness

Tip: 2   Odd: 3.00   Result: 1:2

Celje – Radomlje

Tip: X   Odd: 4.00   Result: 1:1


best fixed matches

TICKET OF 25.03.2023
Foggia – Monterosi

Tip: 2   Odd: 5.00   Result: 1:2

Dynamo Dresden – SpVgg Bayreuth

Tip: 2   Odd: 6.00   Result: 1:2

Stirling – Dumbarton

Tip: X   Odd: 3.50   Result: 2:2

Stevenage – Salford

Tip: 2   Odd: 8.00   Result: 1:3


best fixed matches

TICKET OF 18.03.2023
Annecy – Guingamp

Tip: X   Odd: 3.00   Result: 1:1

Millwall – Huddersfield

Tip: 2   Odd: 7.00   Result: 0:1

Reggina – Cagliari

Tip: 2   Odd: 3.00   Result: 0:4

Frosinone – Cosenza

Tip: 2   Odd: 8.00   Result: 0:1

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Fixed Match

FIXED MATCH is the home of correct ht ft fixed match;

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The offer we would like to propose to you is ht ft fixed match, a single fixed match, safe and risk-free, a match where you have to place your bet, wait 90 minutes and withdraw your winnings.


How do i get fixed match offer ?
Simply subscribe and you will receive your fixed match immediately.

This is a single fixed match, the mode in which it will be bet is: Half Time/Full Time 1/2 2/1.

The fixed match we provide you with has an odds range of 25.00 to 45.00.

It is a sure fixed match with a 0 chance of losing as the two teams take the field and play the match in such a way that the result set before the start of the match comes out.


Ht ft fixed match is one of our best offers that will allow you to make a profit easily, quickly and within a day, thanks to our offer allows you to make a safe bet with zero risk, you will have to bet the match we provide, follow our instructions on how to bet and after 90 minutes withdraw your winnings!




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HTFT OF 27.05.2023
Pescara – Entella

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 35.00   Result: 0:1/2:1


HTFT OF 13.05.2023
Como – Ternana

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 30.00   Result: 0:1/3:1


HTFT OF 06.05.2023
Kapfenberg – Dornbirn

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 35.00   Result: 0:1/2:1


HTFT OF 29.04.2023
Morecambe – Lincoln

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 33.00   Result: 0:1/3:2


fixed match

HTFT OF 15.04.2023
Stoke – West Brom

Tip: 1/2   Odd: 34.00   Result: 1:0/1:2


fixed match

HTFT OF 08.04.2023
Brommapojkarna – Malmo FF

Tip: 1/2   Odd: 30.00   Result: 1:0/1:2


fixed match

HTFT OF 01.04.2023
Bastia – Sochaux

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 30.00   Result: 3:2/1:2


fixed match

HTFT OF 18.03.2023
Torquay – Dag & Red

Tip: 1/2   Odd: 26.00   Result: 1:0/1:2


fixed match

HTFT OF 18.03.2023
Queen’s Park – Inverness

Tip: 2/1   Odd: 30.00   Result: 0:1/2:1

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Fixed Match Today

Football Fixed Matches


In the last twenty years in the world of football is depopulating the phenomenon of fixed matches.

What are fixed matches in the world of football ?

This type of match has existed since the invention of football; but, only in recent years have news leaked very frequently that in the world of football there are players, referees and even managers, who get bribed with the aim of pre-establishing the result of one or more football matches.

Football fixed matches are essentially football matches where both sides, this means that the two teams play with the aim of finishing the match to a predetermined result or final score.


The way in which football matches are fixed is very simple:

There are some people who have advantages and gains in fixing the results of the games;

they contact players, referees and managers of secondary football leagues and in countries where the players of these leagues are paid lower; they offer them large sums of money and in return they ask that the match be played and end according to the result they have established.

The results of football matches are fixed before they start, so you have time to place your bets.


There are many ways to fix the result of a match;

there are many options to bet on a match but the ones mainly used in football fixed matches are:

  • Correct Score Fixed Matches:These are football matches where you know the exact result with which the match will end, for example: 0:0 – 1:0 – 1:1 ……
  • Ht Ft Fixed Matches: These are football matches where the team that will win the first and second half of the matches is fixed, for example: 1/1 – X/X – 2/2 – X/2 – X/1 – 1/X – 2/X – 1/2 – 2/1.
  • Fixed Matches 1X2: They are football matches where the team that will win the match is known before the match starts: 1,X,2.

football fixed matches

Which is the best site to buy fixed matches ?

You are on the best site that provides fixed matches.
We are the best in the world and have the best football fixed matches available in the world,

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To buy fixed matches from our team is very simple:

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The payment methods we accept are:
Western Union, Ria, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and all other top 100 cryptocurrencies,


Relying on a serious site like ours is the fundamental key to success thanks to football fixed matches,

having a competent team that guides you and makes you bet on correct fixed matches

will allow you to earn a lot of money with zero risks.

Trust us and change your life today thanks to betting on football fixed matches.

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Soccer Tips Today


Soccer tips today is an article where every day you will find one or more matches analysed by our team.

The soccer tips today that will be posted are only and exclusively soccer predictions;

not to be exchanged with our correct fixed matches,

which on the contrary to soccer tips today are safe and real fixed matches with which you can make money every day.

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soccer tips today

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TIP OF 30/05/2022

Karagumruk – Kayserispor

Fixed Matches fixed matches fixed matches

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 2.05 (Bet365 odds)  Result: ?:?




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TIP OF 28/05/2022

Hannover – Holstein Kiel

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 2.20 (Bet365 odds)  Result: 1:5


TIP OF 27/05/2022

Mannheim – Duisburg

Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.52 (Bet365 odds)  Result: 3:1


TIP OF 26/05/2022

Grazer AK – Amstetten

Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.57 (Bet365 odds)  Result: 3:0


There is a clear difference between soccer tips today and fixed matches;

soccer tips today are matches with an outcome that is predicted by our team,

whereas fixed matches are matches where both teams play for an outcome that has been predetermined before the match starts.


In this article you will find 1 or more matches predicted by our team every day.

A dedicated section of our company takes care of updating this article daily and publishing a different number of soccer tips today, these matches have low odds that individually range from 1.20 to 1.90, rarely these odds are exceeded but it cannot be ruled out.
They are predictions; and should be played as such. Safe and low bets, so that even in the event of a loss the loss is not high.
The winning percentage is between 70% and 80%, which means that out of 10 soccer tips today predictions, 7 to 8 matches end according to our prediction.


Fixed matches are a different matter, they are paid matches, you have to be a subscriber to receive them.
Since they are fixed matches too, to get them you have to buy them from the tipsters, they are first-hand matches and come directly from people close to the clubs, sometimes even from the players themselves.
You understand for yourself that we cannot provide fixed matches for free after we have bought them ourselves.
If you are interested take a look at our offers, you only need a subscription to improve your life for the better.


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