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In the last twenty years in the world of football is depopulating the phenomenon of fixed matches.

What are fixed matches in the world of football ?

This type of match has existed since the invention of football; but, only in recent years have news leaked very frequently that in the world of football there are players, referees and even managers, who get bribed with the aim of pre-establishing the result of one or more football matches.

Football fixed matches are essentially football matches where both sides, this means that the two teams play with the aim of finishing the match to a predetermined result or final score.


The way in which football matches are fixed is very simple:

There are some people who have advantages and gains in fixing the results of the games;

they contact players, referees and managers of secondary football leagues and in countries where the players of these leagues are paid lower; they offer them large sums of money and in return they ask that the match be played and end according to the result they have established.

The results of football matches are fixed before they start, so you have time to place your bets.


There are many ways to fix the result of a match;

there are many options to bet on a match but the ones mainly used in football fixed matches are:

  • Correct Score Fixed Matches:These are football matches where you know the exact result with which the match will end, for example: 0:0 – 1:0 – 1:1 ……
  • Ht Ft Fixed Matches: These are football matches where the team that will win the first and second half of the matches is fixed, for example: 1/1 – X/X – 2/2 – X/2 – X/1 – 1/X – 2/X – 1/2 – 2/1.
  • Fixed Matches 1X2: They are football matches where the team that will win the match is known before the match starts: 1,X,2.

football fixed matches

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